TheThe Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle was first produced in 1973.

There were several different versions made of this as Ideal decided to maximise their market.

The first edition was short lived as the chrome front forks and black paint work on the body became too expensive to produce. It had black detachable exhaust pipes. The set contained an energizer, Figure With cane and a set of decals to decorate the bike with. Attachable decals would remain until The team America sets of 1978.

See below for details on all of these stunt cycles.

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Ist Issue Stunt Cycle. For more on this

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2nd Issue stunt Cycle





The 2nd issue stunt cycle was quite differnt to the first as you see from the pics below.Gone were the chrome front forks and black on the bodywork.

Like it pedecessor it retained the detachable exhausts and the crossbar, figure energizer and cane.














3rd Issue Stunt cycle


HThe 3rd issue stunt Cycle was very similar to the 2nd issue with the only exception that it no longer had the crossbar on the handlebars.

The cane would no longer be issued with the stunt cycle sets. e




















The 4th issue had more changes. However it had the crossbar again.

As you see in this picture it now had black exhaust sections that were complete.There were no longer any detachable sections.

Again these changes were to cut down on production costs.
















5th Issue stunt cycle




The 5th issue stunt Cycle was different again with no crossbar different coloured seats blue, black and orange. some were white and contained a sticker to be placed on the seat same as the 4th edition. The clear plastic seat back was changed to a white one.

This bike was also used in the Gt Stunt Cycle set Which was the last of the original designs.

A White wheeled stunt Cycle was also made.

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4th issue stunt Cycle








After Evel Knievel's Contract was cancelled in 1977 it was decided to issue a new form of stunt cycle which became known as the team America Stunt bike.

Early issues still retained the name "Evel knievel" however later issues deleted his name altogether.

This was very different to the originals above and sold poorly.Below are some pictures of this.







Early issue team America Stunt cycle











The later issue of the team America set





















There were also other versions of the above toys made in german and French canadian as shown here. As well as the Japanese version too.




Japanese Stunt Cycle set











InIn 2006 The Stunt Cycle was reissued Firstly in a bubble pack then as part of a daredevil stunt set but best of all was the Super stunt Cycle! that was the last issued stunt cycle in 2007-

see the pictures below.

























































In the 1990's there was renewed interest in Evel Knievel due to sports sponsorships and his son Robbie knievel making a name for himself as a stunt rider.

So in 1998 a new Stunt Cycle appeared made by Playing mantis.

They had three different coloured suits for the figure, Red, White and Blue.

This sold extremely well however nothing would compare to the 1970's original.

Below are some pictures of this set. It is very rare now and is a sought after collectors item.